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Aquila is an all-in-one medical billing firm with a full range of healthcare IT solutions and services, as well as a committed, world-class team of professionals ready to assist your organization in maximizing profitability, boosting collection rates, and reducing disputed claims. Our professionals quickly get you up and running while handling your past-due accounts and following up on all claims to assure prompt reimbursements.

We stay in touch with you to keep you up-to-date, each step of the way.  We at Aquila Medical Billing Company believe in a more patient-centric approach and real-time results, proving why you can always count on us. We offer end to end revenue cycle management including our revolutionary and FREE EHR and a comprehensive Practice Management system known as AquilaEHR to support your practice growth.

Our team of experts are committed to delivering top quality Medical Billing services.


AquilaEHR is the highest reviewed revenue cycle management company in the town. Our customers enjoy excellent communication, fast response times, best-in-class claims handling, and outstanding follow-up and management of denied claims.

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Key Features

Get maximum reimbursement at minimum cost as our end-to-end medical billing services don’t just monitor your account and do easy claim submission but actively manage it from top to bottom to improve financial performance of your practice.

Encryption and Security

Our medical billing software is compliant with HIPAA regulations. We ensure no leakage of patients’ data while processing any information.

Eligibility Check

We confirm every patients’ insurance eligibility to streamline your process, shorten account receivable days, and avoid denials.

Claim Scrubbing

Our top-of-the-line claim scrubbing ensures error-free and clean claims are submitted for faster reimbursement and minimum denials/rejections.

Payment Posting

Post ERAs and EOBs in a timely manner as our team of experts verifies each claim for appropriate payment while our A/R team follows up on any denied or rejected claim.

Patient Statements

Sends clear patient statements that are simple, easy to read, understandable, and more likely to get paid on time.

Customized Reports

Get comprehensive insights into your payment, charges or adjustments trends for every billing entry. BellMedex provides data reports in easy-to-read format with option for customization based on provider’s preference.

Charge Entry

Get timely reimbursement as our detailed and error-free charge entry process ensures first-time approved claim submission. Our first time pass rate is over 98%.

Electronic Submission

Corrections and re-submissions are completed systematically and in a timely manner for any claims that are held to identify and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Follow-up & Appeals

For any denial, Aquila’s A/R specialists will take swift and effective action to ensure timely reimbursements, keeping you up-to-date on appeals and reprocessing.

Patient Helpdesk

Streamline and enhance all patient interactions from scheduling and billing to post-encounter communication with our reliable patient helpdesk.

Our business is customer-focused.

Our goal is to offer dependable services that enable your business to maximize its investment. Aquila is one of the best medical billing outsourcing firms in the US, providing the go-to solution for all kinds of healthcare organizations, no matter how big or small, how many doctors are involved or how big the practice is. Aquila offers reliable solutions so that medical professionals can handle any regulatory problems carefree. We provide the following services with a team of certified experienced medical coders and medical billing specialists:

Quality revenue cycle management

Our comprehensive RCM process identifies loopholes in your processes, prevents revenue leakage, and helps maintain your practice’s financial viability by putting it back on the growth track.

The goal of RCM is to ensure that the organization is paid for services rendered in the most timely and accurate manner possible.

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Medical billing and coding services

Simplify your billing, eradicates administrative burdens, boosts your revenue, and get the highest standards of coding accuracy and compliance.

Most affordable rates in the market

In today’s market, Aquila’s aims to provide quality services at reasonable rates. Our on-boarding process is simple and straightforward with no hidden charges.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Aquilas services, please dont hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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