EHR (Electronic Health Record)

The Aquila EHR is cloud-based solution that optimizes care delivery for single and multi-specialty providers. The platform offers an intuitive user interface, allowing for easy documentation, performance tracking, and data analysis. The system provides real-time access to patient records, lab results, and other critical data, enabling providers to make better-informed decisions and improve patient outcomes. Aquila EHR also supports collaboration between providers, payers, and other stakeholders, helping to streamline care coordination and reduce costs. With the ability to customize the platform, providers can tailor their workflow to meet their individual needs, while meeting industry standards and regulations.

Aquila EHR is cloud-based, cost-effective electronic health records (EHR) software solution that provides your medical team with more quality time for patients and less time with their computers.

Easy To Use

Aquila EHR makes it simple to chart, prescribe drugs, code encounters, and manage patients effectively. It is simple enough for anyone in your clinic to use. Our process unifies the patient visit into one location and is simple to use. Aquila EHR has every feature you could possibly want in an EHR software package, but none that you don’t.


Our collection of ready-to-use templates has been specially designed to meet the demands of your single- or multi-specialty practice. The templates make it easier for you to adhere to precise regulatory and coding standards so you may easily and accurately record patient visits and lower the likelihood of denials.


Aquila EHR has the ability to work whenever and wherever you want. To access cloud-based electronic health records and work online from any location, just use your desktop, laptop.

The web app has all the features you need to manage patient information, create notes, document encounters, and more. You can even use the app to process payments and send reminders.


Aquila EHR is completely integrated with our medical billing platform for a seamless experience from check-in to check-out, billing to claim submission and scheduling to follow up. Whether you want to look at visits, audits or financials.With everything you need at your fingertips, your practice is more efficient and profitable.