Increase Your Revenue with EFFECTIVE Denial Management Services

Our experts use a simplified approach for effective accounts receivable (AR) recovery. This approach is designed to track every claim, from start to finish, to ensure that all claims are managed in the most effective and efficient manner.

First, we conduct an indepth review of the AR accounts. This review identifies any current issues with the accounts, such as delinquent payments, overpayments, or discrepancies. We use this information to determine the best course of action for the recovery process.

Next, we establish a plan of action to collect the delinquent payments or resolve any other issues. This may include contacting the customer to explain the issue, sending notices of the delinquent account, or using a thirdparty collection agency

We then track all communications between our team and the customer on the claim, which enables us to stay uptodate on the claim‘s progress. This also helps us identify any new issues that may arise during the recovery process.

Finally, we keep detailed records of all activities related to the claim. This information is used to ensure accuracy and compliance with industry best practices. By using this simplified approach for effective AR recovery, our experts are able to quickly and effectively manage all claims.

Customized Reporting with AquilaEHR

AquilaEHR is a full-service medical billing provider because we continuously monitor every insurance claim until it is processed and settled. No matter how big or small the job, AquilaEHR’s A/R Follow-Up Services pays close attention to every detail to make sure your practice gets paid as much as possible for the services it provides.

Better Collection Rates with AquilaEHR

By identifying the underlying reason behind each denied claim and offering the required resources to speed up settlement, our denial management team may help you increase payment recovery.

Denied claims are automatically forwarded to the proper staff members for fast follow-up and methodical modifications using our integrated suite of software, AquilaEHR.


Monitoring Future Claims

Creating a second level check based on the findings of denial reasons to avoid future rejections.

Identifying Denial Reasons

We drill down to the root cause for which the claim was denied.

Categorizing Denials

The identified reasons are then categorized and assigned to respective teams for corrective action.

Resubmitting Claims

Upon receiving the claims from respective departments, they are resubmitted again for a claim.

Developing a Tracking Mechanism

Tracking the status of the resubmitted claims with regular follow-ups.

Building a Prevention Mechanism

Preparing a handy checklist on top denial reasons and how to handle them.

Reliable AR MANAGMENT Services

AquilaEHR helps you file error-free claims, evaluate claims that are denied, and locate denials and non-payments. Our premium medical billing AR services include the following:

  • Improve provider documentation and enhance data reporting.
  • In network and out of network AR follow up
  • Workers Compensation Follow up
  • Negotiations with claims adjusters
  • Old accounts receivables
  • Sending out different levels of appeals when claim is not paid
  • Patient AR Follow up
  • Credit-balance cleanup and audit