Serving All Types of Medical Specialties & Hospitals

The ONE that simplifies healthcare.

Aquilaehr is the ONE solution that’s designed to meet the unique needs of your specialty. It’s the ONE that simplifies your practice with an intuitive workflow to manage all major tasks. And it’s the ONE with a modern design that empowers anyone in your office to do their job with ease. It’s the ONE you’ve been looking for.

About Our Platform

Aquilaehr has helped medical practices be more efficient and profitable for over two decades. Our intuitive software solution features a specialty-specific and simplified workflow with streamlined documentation, billing and practice management, allowing physicians to get back to doing what they do best—caring for patients.

When building a medical software solution from the ground up, it is important that the expectations of the healthcare industry are not just met, but exceeded. That’s why our team has an extensive background in healthcare. Aquilaehr was designed and developed by healthcare experts with your organization in mind.

Aquilaehr works with any specialty to streamline the entire patient visit, from check-in to check-out, billing to claim submission, and schedule to follow up – all in ONE place. Our intuitive software design is easy-to-use, and because it’s cloud-based, you have the freedom to work anywhere and everywhere that Internet is available.

Key Features:

Billing/EHR Dashboard → Dashboard gives you a holistic view of your practice i.e.Practice analysis graph, Key Performance trends, Checked patients, Unsigned Notes, Aging Summary Graph, Daily task summary, quick overview of claims & ERAs and follow-ups, Gross Charges and Net collections ratio.

Scheduling → Schedule appointments for patients and build a customized schedule for multiple providers and locations along with the Draggable appointment features.

Recall List → Add patients to the Recall list directly from appointments or patients.

Appointment Reminders → Send email or text messages automatically to remind patients in advance about upcoming appointments.

Charting → Document patient care intuitively with ready-to-use a template and design your own template.

Clinical Design → Design your own templates and create Macros, Order sets, Patient Letters, and Panel groups using our Clinical Design module.

Incoming/Outgoing Referrals → Providers need an end-to-end referral solution to meaningfully improve the handling of both incoming and outgoing referrals.

E-prescribing → Improve patient safety with AquilaEHR E-prescribing which provides a way to easily and accurately prescribe medications electronically.

Lab Integrations →Ensure fast, safe and secure electronic transmission of lab orders and test results.

Document Management → Secure storage of patient documents and clinic paperwork in the AquilaEHR.

Task Management → AquilaEHR task management will helps you plan your day and time without relying too much on others. You can simply check what needs to be done, ask questions, and work more efficiently.

To-Do List → List down everything you have to do in one place so you don’t forget anything important.

Communications →Use our AquilaEHR built-in Chat / Email application to communicate with the patients and internal staff members in a secure way.

Electronic Eligibility → Verify eligibility automatically and real-time before a scheduled appointment.

Electronic Faxing → Send and receive unlimited faxes electronically from within the EHR.

Reports → See where your practice stands with reporting of clinical visits, financial reports.

Televisit → Connect with patients anywhere, anytime securely through our
integrated telemedicine solution.

Intake Forms → Practice can eliminate paper intake forms as patients can fill the intake forms online and electronically sign before they walk into clinic.

Claim Creations → Claims can be generated via appointment, clinical notes and direct claims professional/institutional claims.

External Links → Attach our external patient registration and appointment
scheduling links to your website and allow the patients to register themselves and schedule the appointments using our external links.

NPI Registry → Search the PCP/Provider information by just adding NPI and get all the provider information using our Integrated NPI registry.

Patient Payment / Advance Payments → Keep a track on patient payments easily using our patient payment module.

Data Migration → Migration all the patient/claim data using our data migration feature.


Keeping Up with The Latest in Healthcare

A healthcare technology company, Aquilaehr provides extensive services to help practices streamline workflow, improve revenue and enhance the patient experience. Our smart care management functions as a single, cohesive EHR platform designed to help medical practitioners and healthcare providers take their business enterprise to the next level.



Automated Workflows

Our EHR Workflow Automation leads to high-quality care and helps in better decisions regarding the patient care plan.


Real-time Reports

In these modern times, your practice needs the right tools to give you an edge over your competitors.


Integrated EHR System

Our cloud-based Electronic Health Records (EHR) software is an integrated and scalable solution.


Quick Payments

With AquilaEHR end-to-end patient payment solutions you can optimize collections with little effort and improve revenue.